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Weaving between the melancholic story-telling tendencies of folk and sweat-drenched vocals of rock and roll, the music of Joshua & The Holy Rollers is equal parts lullabye and banger. Rich with mellow vibes and the big reverbs of a singer songwriter who has stories to tell, the gritty guitar riffs of a band that wants to get loud and an authentic soulfulness that gives you the comfort of a singer that “feels” the words as much as he “sings” them, Joshua & The Holy Rollers has a sound that is both familiar and unique. Led by Mac Hanson - guitarist, vocalist and songwriter - is made complete by fellow south-

ern boys - guitarist Logan Baudean, drummer Joey LaRosa and bassist Al Moore, rounding out the titular ‘Joshua & The Holy Rollers’. With touring and tracking the next record quickly approaching, JTHR IS eager to hit the road and share years of hard work with the world; their first single & EP “Hey Hey” released last fall, followed shortly by their new single “Talks Like Alabama” on March 8th, 2019.