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Frequently Asked Questions



The Hop Jam Beer and Music Festival is one of the largest U.S. events of its kind. Our festival represents the highest quality in local, national and international beer tasting and incredible live music by nationally recognized artists. The Hop Jam takes place in the historic Tulsa Arts District in downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma. Check out the Travel section for hotel accommodations, public transportation, driving and parking information, and to learn more about the area.



Where and when is the festival? 

The Hop Jam 2020 takes place Sunday 17th May, in the Tulsa Arts District, on the north end of downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma.

The Main Stage is located at the corner of Main Street and Archer Avenue.

Is The Hop Jam concert really free to the public? 

Yes! Our one-day music festival is completely free to people of all ages and family friendly.

When does it start? 

The fun begins on Sunday, 17 May 2020 and at 3pm.

While the concert is free to the public, entry into the Craft Beer Area is strictly 21+ with a valid photo ID.

Registration for the Craft Beer Area begins at 12pm, Craft Beer VIP early entry begins at 2pm. 

Can I bring my child? 

You are welcome to bring children to all of the designated All-Ages areas, including The Hop Jam Park and the Main Stage area.

Do children need tickets? 

No. The concert is free to the public and Craft Beer tasting tickets are for 21+ attendees.

However, there is a Music VIP Ticket available, and if you wish to take children into this area, they will also need a ticket.

Will there be any food and non-alcoholic beverages available? 

There will be a variety of food, water and sodas available for purchase onsite.

Complimentary water stations are also provided throughout the festival for The Hop Jam attendees.

Will there be a line to get into the Craft Beer Area? 

Many beer enthusiasts line up in advance for the festival, and there will most likely be a line at the entrance to the Craft Beer Area.

An ID check of all who enter the festival is required. The line will move quickly if you have your ID out to make the age verification process run smoothly. You must be 21+ with a valid photo ID to enter the Craft Beer Area.


Will there be a coat/backpack check? 

No. See below for items that are not permitted and please plan accordingly.


Who puts on the Hop Jam Beer and Music Festival? 

The Hop Jam Beer and Music Festival was created in 2014 by the co-founders of the pop-rock trio HANSON and Hanson Brothers Beer Company.  Hanson Brothers Beer Company won a gold metal in 2013 at the World Beer Championships for its first produced beer Mmmhops Pale Ale, which is now distributed to more than 20 different states. HANSON is a multi-Grammy nominated artist who have sold more than 16 million albums worldwide over the past 20 years. For the past three years, thousands of HANSON fans and craft beer enthusiasts from more than 40 countries have traveled to Tulsa to enjoy this one-day festival. Hanson Brothers Beer Company is a proud member of the Craft Brewers Association.


The Hop Jam is also generously supported by The McNellie’s Group, which represents James E. McNellie’s Public House, El Guapo’s Cantina, Fassler Hall, Dilly Diner, Yokozuna, The Colony, The Tavern, Bull in the Alley, Elgin Park Brewery and Dust Bowl Lanes & Lounge, all located in Tulsa, as well as several restaurants in the Oklahoma City area.

What’s the difference between Hop Snob VIP, Hop Head and Hop Fan Tickets? 

There are two kinds of VIP tickets available: Music VIP (All-Ages) and Hop Snob Craft Beer VIP (21+). Both provide attendees with access to air-conditioned lounge areas, food and beverages and private bathrooms. Music VIP provides access to areas that are child friendly, and also includes a reserved viewing platform in the Main Stage concert area.  In addition to the Craft Beer VIP Lounge, the Hop Snob VIP tickets provide 21+ attendees with 1-hour early access to the beer tasting session and admission to the moderated Hop Talk sessions with select presenting brewers. The Hop Snob VIP ticket also includes a commemorative tasting cup and lanyard, and a special hat.

Hop Head (21+) tickets provide attendees with 1-hour early access to the beer tasting session for a total of 5 hours, a commemorative tasting cup and lanyard, and a special hat.

Hop Fan (21+) tickets include access to a 4-hour tasting session, as well as a commemorative tasting cup and lanyard.

Can you enter the Craft Beer Area without a ticket? 

Entrance to the Craft Beer Area requires one of our 3 Craft Beer Tickets. We no longer offer individual sample tickets.

Do you accept credit cards or checks for Craft Beer Area tasting tickets? 

We accept cash and major credit cards.

Where can I buy my ticket? 

Tickets are available online in advance, or at the festival on the day of the event.

You must be 21+ years old with a valid photo ID to attend the Craft Beer portion of the festival.

Is the Craft Beer Area like a giant bar? 

No. Our festival allows attendees to taste a variety of new brands and different styles of beer.

To allow guests to taste several of the finest craft beers, samples are poured in two-ounce tasting portions.

Intoxicated Guests. 

All guests of The Hop Jam Beer and Music Festival are expected to drink responsibly and ensure they have a safe, responsible means of transportation before departing. Any guest who is intoxicated before entering the event may be denied entry. Any guest found to be causing a disturbance with the event, as determined by management, will be asked to leave the festival without refund and may be subject to further consequences.

How can breweries run out of beer? 

Occasionally, a brewery will run out of a certain beer. Some beers may be overly popular with the festival crowd.

Luckily, there are around 400 beers to sample, so if you miss a beer this year, you will have to try it early next year!







Should I drive or take public transportation? 

Public transportation is always recommended when drinking alcohol, therefore, we would like to suggest a few options for you:

  1. Stay at a downtown hotel, take a taxi, or walk.

  2. Several Tulsa-area hotels offer a free shuttle. Please check for details with your hotel.

  3. Want to ride a bike? While Tulsa is a bicycle friendly city, please don’t drink and ride!

Is there parking? 

Parking is available in many parking lots around the festival area.

You can find more information about downtown parking options here.


How can I get driving directions? 

Put the following address into your phone’s map program: 199 E Mathew B. Brady St, Tulsa, OK 74103.

What should I bring?
To ensure you have a great day and enjoy the festival to it's fullest, you are free to bring:

  • Sun block

  • Empty refillable water bottles or hydration bladder packs, to use at any of the water filling stations onsite

  • Small point-and-shoot type cameras

  • Selfie sticks are allowed, but must expand to no more than 40" and must be lightweight

What shouldn't I bring?
The following items are 
PROHIBITED within the festival grounds:

  • Outside alcohol or bottles, cans or glass of any kind

  • Outside food/beverages, coolers and carts

  • Weapons (all types of firearms, knives, pepper spray, stun-guns, any other concealed weapons, etc.)

  • Large chains or spiked jewelry, fireworks, smoke bombs, aerosol cans of any kind

  • Illegal substances and Chemicals of any kind

  • Large bags or backpacks (small purses only) - all bags are subject to search

  • All types of chairs, tents and blankets

  • Stickers, Glitter, Silly String, Confetti, Spray Paint, Lasers and Laser Pointers

  • Pets - service dogs will be permitted

  • Unauthorized pamphlets, handouts, or advertisements of any kind

  • Unauthorized, unlicensed or unapproved vending

  • Professional cameras (cameras with detachable lenses) and any type of audio or video recording devices including GoPros

  • Skateboards, roller skates, bicycles, scooters, golf carts or non-wheelchair motorized vehicles

  • Remote-controlled vehicles, aircraft and drones 

  • Other items as determined by facility management

Everyone entering the venue is subject to search for unauthorized items. 

Event management reserves the right to handle each occurrence on a case by case basis. Depending on the item, the guest may either be asked to remove the item from the facility, dispose of the item, or risk being ejected from the event area. Confiscated items will be destroyed or given away at management’s discretion.

REMEMBER: All bags, jackets, and guests are subject to search upon entering the event.


No unapproved marketing collateral will be allowed, including:

  • Unauthorized distribution of literature, business cards, flyers, handouts, pamphlets, forms, etc.

  • Chanting or shouting words associated with commercial advertising.

  • Signs/flags/banners/posters displaying words or pictures tied commercial advertising.


Guests found to be marketing by event management may be ejected. Guests found passing out literature or any written forms of unauthorized marketing will be asked to collect all pieces of marketing handed out and dispose of them properly. Any additional pieces of marketing found make the guest/marketing company subject to being billed for cleanup costs. Guests/companies repeatedly found marketing on property may be cited with trespassing.

Still Photography 

Guests are welcome to bring personal cameras into the event.

Professional photography access must be issued by event management. See Media Access.

This event is rain or shine.

Management reserves the right to refuse entry or remove any person whose conduct it judges to be disorderly,

or who fails to comply with any governing laws, or rules of the festival.

Festival attendees assume all risks of personal injury incidental to the festival,

whether occurring prior to, during, or subsequent to the event.

The sale of unauthorized merchandise is not permitted.

Guests will be ejected from the event if found selling unauthorized merchandise.

Attendees consent to The Hop Jam and its affiliates’ capturing and use of their image or likeness

in any display, transmission, or recording of the event.




Media Access

We are only able to consider requests from press on assignment. For questions related to press/media for the event, please email

How can my band apply to play at The Hop Jam? 

If you are based in Oklahoma, we would love to hear from you! Details of the Awesome Music Opening Band Contest will be on the Music page of this site soon.

Where do I apply as a vendor or food truck at the festival? 

Our vendors have done very well at past events and we look forward to welcoming more this year! 

Please see the Contact page to submit your information regarding taking part in The Hop Jam.

Do you need volunteers? 

Yes! Putting on The Hop Jam is a huge undertaking and there are plenty of opportunities to volunteer.

Please see the Contact page to submit your information.




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